Aimée Boutin


Office: 338 Diffenbaugh

Phone: 850-644-8398

Fax: 850-644-0524


Aimée Boutin is a Professor of French. She received her Ph.D. from Cornell University and her BA from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She specializes in 19th-century French poetry, women writers, cultural history, gender studies, art history, and the city in literature.  Her most recent projects focus on the flâneur, the senses, and city noise in nineteenth-century Paris.

Research Interests:

  • 18th-20th century women writers, including 19th century women poets
  • The Romantic era in France and the July Monarchy
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to literature, literature and the other arts, art history
  • Sound studies, literature and the senses, the city and the senses
  • Critical theory and Gender studies

Selected Publications:

Courses taught at FSU:

  • French Women Writers (FRT 3561)
  • Survey of French Literature I and II (FRW 3100 and FRW 3101)
  • Baudelaire and modernity (FRW 4460 / 5595)
  • Paris in the Nineteenth-Century (FRW 4460 / 5595)
  • Walking in the City: Flâneurs and flâneuses in 19th-century Paris (FRW 4460 / 5595)
  • Women and the Modern Marriage Plot (FRW 4460 / 5595)
  • Critical Theory (FOW 5025)