Katy Prantil

Teaching Faculty i

Office: Diffenbaugh Bldg. Room 354

Phone: 850-644-8394

Fax: 850-644-0524

Email: kprantil@fsu.edu

Katy Prantil is an instructor of Italian, and the Director of the Italian Basic Language Program. She is a Ph.D. candidate in Italian (by Special Committee in Romance Linguistics and Philology) at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She specializes in historical Italo-Romance linguistics and dialectology.

Research interests:

  • Italo-Romance morphosyntax
  • Socio-historical aspects of language change
  • Historical phonology in Romance varieties
  • Second language pedagogy

Courses taught at FSU:

  • Italian Reading and Conversation (ITA 2220)
  • Italian Grammar and Composition I & II (ITA 3420, 3421)
  • Romance Philology