Martin Munro

Eminent Professor

Office: 402 Diffenbaugh

Phone: 850-644-8399


Professor Martin Munro (PhD University of Aberdeen) is Eminent Scholar and Winthrop-King Professor of French and Francophone Studies. A specialist in Francophone Caribbean literature and culture, he previously worked in Scotland, Ireland, and Trinidad. He is Director of the Winthrop-King Institute for Contemporary French and Francophone Studies at Florida State University.

Research Interests:

  • Francophone literature and culture, especially of the Caribbean region
  • Négritude (African and Caribbean)
  • Créolité
  • Haiti
  • Postcolonial theory
  • Writing and exile in Francophone cultures
  • Rhythm in Francophone literatures and cultures
  • Writing disaster in the Caribbean
  • Caribbean sound studies

Selected Publications:

Authored books:

  • Shaping and Reshaping the Caribbean: the Work of Aimé Césaire and René Depestre (London and Leeds: W.H. Maney and Sons, 2000).
  • Exile and Post–1946 Haitian Literature: Alexis, Depestre, Ollivier, Laferrière, Danticat (Liverpool University Press, 2007).
  • Different Drummers: Rhythm and Race in the Americas (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2010).
  • Writing on the Fault Line: Haitian Literature and the Earthquake of 2010 (Liverpool University Press, 2014).
  • Tropical Apocalypse: Haiti and the Caribbean End Times (under review).

Edited books:

  • Reinterpreting the Haitian Revolution and its Cultural Aftershocks, co-edited with Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw (Kingston, Jamaica: University of the West Indies Press, 2006).
  • Echoes of the Haitian Revolution, co-edited with Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw (Kingston, Jamaica: University of the West Indies Press, 2008).
  • A Reader’s Guide to Edwidge Danticat (Charlottesville and London, University of Virginia Press, 2010).
  • Haiti Rising: Haitian History, Culture and the Earthquake of 2010 (Liverpool: University of Liverpool Press, 2010). *Finalist in the ForeWord 2010 Book of the Year Awards.
  • American Creoles: The Francophone Caribbean and the American South, co-edited with Celia M. Britton (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2012).
  • The Haunted Tropics: Caribbean Ghost Stories, co-edited with Madison Smartt Bell (forthcoming, University of the West Indies Press, 2015).

Courses taught at FSU:

  • Francophone Cinema
  • Vodou, Race, and Revolution in Haiti
  • Exile in Francophone Cultures
  • Tropical Apocalypse
  • Francophone Caribbean Literature and Culture