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French Faculty by period

Medieval Leushuis, Walters
Early-Modern/Renaissance Leushuis, Walters
Seventeenth Century Walters
Nineteenth Century Boutin
Twentieth Century Munro, Murray-Román, Treacy
Contemporary French and Francophone Studies Munro, Murray-Román, Treacy

French Faculty by Area of Interest

Caribbean Munro, Murray-Román
Cinema Leushuis, Munro, Murray-Román, Treacy
Cultural studies Boutin, Murray-Román, Treacy, Walters
Digital Humanities Murray-Román
Gender studies Boutin, Leushuis, Murray-Román, Osborn, Walters
Humanism Leushuis, Walters
Maghrebi Studies Treacy
Migration and Diaspora Studies Munro, Murray-Román, Treacy
Modernism Boutin, Treacy
Novel             Boutin, Munro, Treacy
Pacific and Indian Oceans Murray-Román
Poetry Boutin, Leushuis, Munro, Walters
(Post) Colonialism Munro, Murray-Román, Treacy
Rhetorical Tradition Leushuis, Walters
Theater Murray-Román
Theory Boutin, Murray-Román
West Africa Munro, Murray-Román
Women’s studies Boutin, Leushuis, Osborn, Walters
World Wars Osborn
Word and Image, Lit. and Visual Arts Boutin, Walters