Ray Hattaway

Adjunct faculty

Office: 316B Diffenbaugh

Phone: 850-644-8191

Email: rhattawa@fsu.edu

Ray Hattaway is an instructor of German, and the Coordinator of the German Basic Language Program. He holds the BA in German language and Literature, Valdosta State College and Masters Degrees in Foreign Language Education and German Language and Literature from Florida State University. Ray specializes in German Language acquisition, Foreign Language instruction techniques, as well as German Literature:  Middle-High German Epic, 20th Century (Brecht, Grass, Mann, Hesse), German Poetry, Drama, Tragedy, and Theater.

Research interests:

  • Germanic language, literature, culture, and comparative/international folk heritage; curriculum development of Distance Learning (ITV), online and traditional language courses; college level instructional methodology- including instructor training and student assessment.
  • Folkloric and historic influence of Germanic heritage in the US.
  • Foreign Language Methodology associated with second language acquisition.
  • German Opera, Drama and Musical productions.  
  • Elements of personality as aspects of foreign language acquisition.

Courses taught at FSU:

  • Introductory German
  • Intensive German (Dartmouth Method German)
  • Intermediate German
  • Graduate Reading Knowledge
  • German Readings and Conversation
  • German Grammar and Composition
  • German Studies
  • German Business and Language Practice
  • Short Fiction (Trümmergeschichten)
  • Introduction to German Drama
  • German Drama Production, Grips Theater
  • Cultural History (Kulturgeschichte)
  • Hermann Hesse, the Man and His Works