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Free tutoring at Strozier Library is available to students taking Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. For the current schedule, click here (hyperlink to ).

  Tutors available for one-on-one or group sessions. Please contact them to see their prices and availability.  


John Xujun Feng Chinese 348 DIF
Wei Qiang Chinese


Shanti Liverpool French 137 DIF
Shanaaz Mohammed French 137 DIF
Racha Sattati French 440 DIF


Aleksandra Benedict German 009A DIF


Fabrizio Fornara Italian 009A DIF


Mayumi Shirai Japanese 007 DIF


Alan Febraio Parma Portuguese 356 DIF
Jamile Forcelini Portuguese 356 DIF


Aleksandra Benedict Russian 009A DIF
Varvara Katayeva Russian
Vladimir Yevdokimov Russian
Leslie Caster Russian


Fabrizio Fornara Spanish 009A DIF
Eileen Fancher Spanish 356 DIF
Alan Febraio Parma Spanish 356 DIF
Elyssa Fenton Spanish 356 DIF
Jamile Forcelini Spanish 356 DIF
Perla Garcia Spanish 356 DIF
Caryl Hernandez Spanish 356 DIF
Diego Mejia-Prado Spanish 356 DIF
Augustus O'Neill Spanish 356 DIF
Olga Romero Mestas Spanish 356 DIF
Kristin Gibson Spanish 356 DIF

(850) 567-2522

Maria-Elena Villagrana Spanish 356 DIF

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