Jessica Malo Valentine

Jessika Malo Valentine

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Instructor of Arabic and Film Studies
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Diffenbaugh 339
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M & W 1:00 - 2:00pm & Th 2:00 - 3:00pm

Jessica Malo Valentine
Since 2012, Jessica Malo Valentine has had a zest for teaching the language and the culture. Back then, Jessika was working as a language interpreter for a police program in Lebanon when she got the Fulbright scholarship to teach at Florida State University for ten months. The experience was very pleasant and educational and ultimately lead to a career change and the pursuit of a Master’s of science in Second Language Instruction and Curriculum at F.S.U. After the graduation, Jessika stayed with the department that she assisted in teaching for as a visiting professor for one year. 
 In 2017, Jessika returned to the USA after a year in Lebanon where she taught English as a second language at the American University of Science and Technology and published her first work in Arabic poetry “لو مشى معي قرص الشمس”(If the Disk of Sun Would Walk With Me). This academic year, she returns to F.S.U as an adjunct professor teaching Arab Cinema and Mid-Intermediate Arabic.