Keith Howard

Keith Howard

Contact Information

Associate Professor
Office Location
Diffenbaugh 304
Office Hours

MWF 10:10-11:10

Associate Chair of Graduate Studies

Keith Howard earned his PhD at the University of Virginia in 2008. His long-term research program explores how Renaissance and Baroque political modes of thought, particularly in the form of Machiavellian and post-Machiavellian discourses, reveal themselves in early modern Spanish and colonial Latin American texts. He teaches Medieval, Golden Age and Transatlantic cultural studies.

Research Interests

Machiavelli and Post-Machiavellian Political Discourse
Hispanic Transatlantic Studies
Early Modern Spanish Literature and Culture
Textual Criticism and Scholarly Editing

Courses Taught

The World of Cervantes
The Self, Nation and Empire in Early Modern Hispanic Transatlantic Literature
Spanish Golden Age Theater
Spanish Golden Age Prose
Spanish Golden Age Poetry
Don Quijote
Readings in Early Iberia
Approaches to Hispanic Literature
Cultures of Iberia

Selected Publications

  • "Fadrique Furió Ceriol's Machiavellian Vocabulary of Contingency." Renaissance Studies 26.5 (2012): 641-57.
  • "Inca Garcilaso de la Vega's 'Ways of Lying': Reason of State, Religion and Exemplary Prudence in Part I of the Comentarios Reales." Neophilologus 96.4 (2012): 541-52.
  • "The Anti-Machiavellians of the Spanish Baroque: A Reassessment." LATCH: A Journal for the Study of the Literary Artifact in Theory, Culture and History 5 (2012): 106-19.


  • Discursos de Nicolao Machiavelli: A Critical Edition of Juan Lorenzo Ottevanti's Spanish Translation of Machiavelli's Discourses on Livy. Tempe: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (2016).
  • The Reception of Machiavelli in Early Modern Spain. Woodbridge, UK; Rochester, NY: Tamesis, 2014. Review, Víctor Zorrilla.