Placement Tests

Placement Tests for Students Who Continue Language Study in French, German, and Spanish

Students pursue study in foreign languages for a number of reasons, often in the context of specific graduation requirements. For example, all students receiving degrees (B.A. or B.S.) in the College of Arts and Sciences and all other university students who receive the B.A. must complete a classical or modern foreign language through the 2000 level (2200 or the equivalent course). For those students who have initiated foreign language study prior to entering Florida State University (specifically in high school where no college credit was awarded), selection of the appropriate language course level is extremely important. It is for that reason that a mandatory (no cost) placement test will now be required for all students who plan to continue study in either French, German, or Spanish. Students who are studying a new language which they did not study in high school, and for which they have no other experience, are not required to take such a test but would enroll in the 1120 level of the language of interest.

The Placement Tests for students continuing a language previously studied

The purpose of a placement test is to ensure that students continue their language studies without repeating the same material and with as few gaps in their learning as possible. Students do not receive credit for a placement test; however, there are methods of receiving credit through other tests that are described below. There is NO FEE for the placement test.

All students who entered the university after January 1, 2003 and who are taking their first FSU course in French, German, or Spanish in the Spring Semester 2004 or later are required to take a placement test (unless the student has no prior experience with the language). Students who have already started their language sequence at FSU do not need to take a placement test to continue. Students who arrive at FSU with college credit for language study also will not be required to take the test since their placement level will be based on transfer work completed.

Because the placement tests are available only for French, German, and Spanish, students of other languages who have had previous instruction in the language must consult an advisor in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics for proper course placement. Other modern languages taught at FSU include Arabic, Chinese, Modern Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, and Russian.<

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