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Department News


Dr. Keith Howard Publishes Book

Arguing against historians of Spanish political thought that have neglected recent developments in our understanding of Machiavelli's contribution to the European tradition, the thesis of this book is that Machiavellian discourse had a profound impact on Spanish prose treatises of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. After reviewing in chapter 1 Machiavelli's ideological restructuring of the language of European political thought, in chapter 2 Dr. Howard shows how, before his works were prohibited in Spain in 1583, Spaniards such as Fadrique Furió Ceriol and Balthazar Ayala used Machiavelli's new vocabulary and theoretical framework to develop an imperial discourse that would be compatible with a militant understanding of Catholic Christianity. In chapters 3, 4 and 5 he demonstrates in detail how Giovanni Botero, Pedro de Ribadeneyra, and their imitators in the anti-Machiavellian reason-of-state tradition in Spain, attack a straw figure of Machiavelli that they have invented for their own rhetorical and ideological purposes, while they simultaneously incorporate key Machiavellian concepts into their own advice.



Dr. Yanning Wang Publishes Book


Dr. Yanning Wang, Assistant Professor of Chinese, published: Reverie and Reality: Poetry on Travel by Late Imperial Chinese Women (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2014). "This book is an important contribution to the scholarship on traditional Chinese women’s poetry" (Wilt Idema, Harvard University).




Dr. Christian Weber Publishes Book


Dr. Christian Weber, Assistant Professor of German, published : Die Logik der Lyrik: Goethes Phänomenologie des Geistes in Gedichten (Freiburg i.B.: Rombach Verlag, 2014). "This book explores Goethe’s so-called ‘hymns of genius’ as a lyric cycle. Read as one poetic unit, these poems reveal a theoretical ambition that rivals Hegel’s phenomenological investigation of the spirit and complements Kant’s Critique of Judgment with a critique of the imagination”.



Congratulations Dr. Cope


Robyn Cope (PhD '12) began her new position as Assistant Professor of French at SUNY Binghampton this fall.


Welcome to the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics



What do we do?

We investigate the processes of language acquisition, create tools for effective language learning, and put them into practice in our language classrooms. We study the dynamics of contemporary social, cultural, and national identity in a variety of countries, and advance the fields of literary and film criticism and theory. We research the writings central to our collective experience as global citizens and the linguistic structures that form the basis of all communication. The teaching and research expertise of our faculty reflects our commitment to FSU's undergraduate and graduate students and to academic excellence.

What can we do for you?

We prepare our students for success in a diverse and globalized world. Whether your interests include international business or linguistic and cultural enrichment, federal and foreign service, non-governmental work, or language teaching, we offer major and minor programs that will strengthen your academic and professional profile. We can help you combine specialized language training with interdisciplinary programs of study. Through the Winthrop-King Institute, undergraduate and graduate scholarships are available for study and research abroad. Visit the language program sites on the menu bar to the left for more information about specific programs, or explore the directory to the left to learn more about the department's resources, people, and events. For departmental personnel, please visit the Contact Us page.